PPMW Ambassador Program Presents: I LIKE IT: A Conversation on Female Pleasure and Sexual Communication

Event Description

As a member of the Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC (PPMW) Ambassador Program, I organized a free panel titled “I LIKE IT: A Conversation on Female Pleasure and Sexual Communication” on raising the consciousness of how women can more readily identify and communicate what is pleasurable for them in their own lives.

To kick off the conversation, we watched the 20-minute episode “The Female Orgasm” from the Netflix/Vox series “Explained”.  It is recommended that viewers check out the episode before watching the panel discussion if possible!

The panel focuses on addressing 3 main considerations…

1) What is the orgasm gap and why does it exist? Consider the connection between scripted actions and the prevalence of the orgasm gap. 
2) What happens in the body during female orgasm? Consider the unraveling understanding of female sexual pleasure in society.OG 5.jpg
3) What language can people use to share their needs with others – in and out of the bedroom? Consider the relationship between self-exploration, identifying one’s needs, and self-advocacy.


Audio Recording of Panel

The entire panel discussion is available in a “podcast” version:

Video Recording of Panel

Below you can find the introductory video and the 7 discussion videos from the panel. The total length is 54 minutes.


Video 1: What can it mean to have a “good” sexual experience and when is sex over with a partner? How could this be answered from unscripted as well as scripted lenses?

Video 2: How may hookup culture contribute to the orgasm gap? And if it does, does it have to be this way?

Video 3: What scripts may exist more specifically for people in communities of color?

Video 4: Orgasm has been described as a “reset button”. What does this mean?

Video 5: What gaps in knowledge still exist about female orgasm that you would like to see new research on? 

Video 6: How do you encourage the people you work with to explore what is pleasurable for them? Also, “in a perfect world” how would you ideally have people be educated on pleasure?

Video 7: “Loving, knowing, and respecting our bodies is a powerful and invincible act of rebellion in this society” – is this really that rebellious? What does feminist author and public speaker Inga Muscio mean here?

Panelist/Moderator Descriptions

KAREN GOMEZ MORALES is a Bilingual Health Educator for Planned Parenthood of Metropolitan Washington, DC (PPMW). Karen has unofficially been a Sex Educator since the age of 16, participating in PPMW’s Peer Health Educator program where she was the go-to person for condoms in her high school. Her passion for Sex Education flourished during these years and it grew into her career and adult job of her dreams. She is now a full-time employee, reaching out to the Latino/Hispanic/Latinx community, facilitating her workshops to Spanish speaking adults and youth. If the 10 years in Sex Education taught her anything, it’s the importance of giving back to her community by building bridges of access to education. She continues to learn and evolve as a Sex Educator focusing on how culture, pleasure, machismo, childhood trauma and family dynamics play a part in Sex Education within her Latino/Hispanic/Latinx community (broadening her lens as a Mexican immigrant who had representation of her culture in the US). 
RACHEL RUBIN, MD is a urologic surgeon and sexual medicine specialist who treats women, men, and couples. She and the team at IntimMedicine Specialists provide comprehensive, state-of-the- art care for issues like pelvic pain, low libido, erectile dysfunction, menopause, and hormone abnormalities. Dr. Rubin conducts research and serves as an associate editor for the journal Sexual Medicine Reviews. She received her MD from Tufts University and completed her residency in urological surgery at Georgetown University before completing a fellowship in male and female sexual dysfunction at San Diego Sexual Medicine. https://intimmedicine.com/
MELANIE MODJOROS, MD is a board certified physician and AASECT certified Sexuality Counselor who specialized in gynecology and pelvic pain before pivoting her career toward sex therapy. In 2014 she founded Sexual Health Consultants, a sex therapy practice dedicated to healing sexual dysfunction. Based in Falls Church (Virginia),  she provides therapy to individuals and couples to resolve challenges with sexual identity, sexuality expression, desire, arousal, pain, compatibility, and/or redefining sex in the context of changing health or illness (pregnancy, aging, cancer, chronic pain). Dr. Modjoros is passionate about teaching sex positivity and providing education about how the mind and body interact to create the sexual experience. Her mantra is “It’s good to feel good.” www.SexualHealthConsultants.com
In November 2016, REBECCA HASSELL participated in Betty Dodson’s infamous BodySex workshop, which inspired her to encourage women to talk about sex and explore their sexuality with the goal of increasing body pride and reducing stigma and self-consciousness. In March 2017, she launched Women Uncorked at the Lemon Collective based on a similar group in Takoma (Washington, DC). Its success has revealed a profound need, and she is helping to launch several more groups around the DMV area. She has also developed a workshop on consent. When Rebecca isn’t leading sex discussion groups, she is a professional chef and entrepreneur.  www.women-uncorked.com
REBA CORRINE THOMAS is a sexuality educator, entertainer and full-time entrepreneur. In 2015 she founded Sexpert Consultants LLC, a company that is bridging the sexual health education gap through live, pleasure-positive events and online courses that teach adults about basic human sexual anatomy and sexual response cycles, promote sexual health and wellness, and improve communication around sexual desires and concerns.  www.sexpertconsultants.com / www.rebathediva.com

Resources for Additional Learning

Ted Talk: “A New Sexual Revolution for Orgasm Equality” by Laurie Mintz

Ted Talk: “What Young Women Believe About their Own Sexual Pleasure” by Peggie Orenstein

Ted Talk: “A Case for Cliteracy” by Sophia Wallace 

Worksheet: “Build Your Own Orgasm” by O.School

clit 3jpg

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  1. Great job, Jen! This was very educational!


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